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          respect the sincerity of talents, serve them wholeheartedly, train them wholeheartedly and use them sincerely.

          ◆ mechanism inspires people, culture shapes people, feelings warm people, and career condenses people.

          ◆ benefit depends on quality, quality depends on technology, technology depends on talents, and talents depend on training.

          ◆ science and technology are the first productivity, and talent is the first resource.

          ◆ market is like water, enterprise is like boat, quality is like rudder, people are helmsman.

          ◆ management is strict love, and training is the greatest benefit.

          ◆ if you don't work hard, you will lose your job; if you don't love your job, you will be laid off.

          ◆ only dare to take responsibility can we take greater responsibility.

          ◆ work hard and give up the gains and losses.

          ◆ all staff training, synchronous improvement, innovation and progress.

          ◆ only use, only reuse.

          ◆ respect people's moral character, value people's wisdom, recognize people's value, cherish people's feelings, safeguard people's dignity and improve people's quality.

          ◆ choose right people, use right people, educate people frequently and manage them strictly.

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